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The US Marine Band, "The President's Own"
The US Army Band, "Pershing's Own"
The US Air Force Band
The US Navy Band
The US Coast Guard Band

Did you know...
  • The United States Armed Forces is the single largest employer of professional musicians in the world.
  • At 206 years old, the U.S. Marine Band is the oldest professional music ensemble in the United States.
  • Musicians in the bands come from among the top music schools in the country; Juilliard, Eastman, Peabody, Indiana University, and more.
  • Between June and August each year, the bands will present 48 free public concerts on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol - and this is in addition to their other regularly scheduled free concerts throughout the summer.
  • Each branch of service also maintains several additional professional ensembles such as a full jazz band, chorus, ceremonial brass, chamber orchestra, and pop groups.