Sandy Run Middle School
Jazz Band Audition InstructionsDSCN1872.JPG

Please read CAREFULLY….
  • The SRMS Jazz Band is for more advanced players and enrollment is by audition only.
  • NOTE: It should take several months/weeks of preparation if students are interested in auditioning.
  • The instrumentation will be as follows:
      • Alto Saxophones (usually 4 maximum)
      • Tenor Saxophone (usually 4 maximum)
      • Baritone Saxophones (usually 2 maximum)
      • Trumpet (usually 5 maximum)
      • Trombones/Baritone Horn (usually 5 maximum)
      • Guitar (usually 2 maximum)
      • Piano (usually 2 maximum)
      • Vibes (usually 1 maximum)
      • Bass (usually 2 maximum)
      • Drumset (usually 2 maximum)
Clarinets, Soprano Saxophones, oboes, violins, etc...are NOT eligible to be in the Jazz Band.
If you want to be eligible start learning one of the instruments listed above.

Students must also be open to enrolling in one of the core musical ensembles at SRMS:
  • Concert Band, Orchestra and/or Chorus.

An audition is required to participate in the SRMS Jazz Band
The audition material clearly defines the necessary skill level.

Using your Chromebook, please join the Google Classroom called **JAZZ BAND AUDITIONS 2016-2017**
Class code= 9na73zy
Go to the Stream and find the assignment called AUDITION MUSIC
  1. PRINT a copy of the music for your instrument.
  2. Learn the music: correct notes, rhythms, articulations, dynamics, style etc.
Take the time to make a high quality video recording
When making the video please do the following:
State your full name.
Grade in school for September 2016
Perform your pieces. (You can edit and/or submit a few videos since there are multiple pieces to perform.)

Deadline: FRIDAY, OCTOBER 7, 2016
Good luck!